21 jul. 2017

#1 - Lyric Video: Frosttide - From Dusk To Ascend
Origin: Finland
Style: Melodic Death, Folk Metal

#2 - Video: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Return to Zero
Origin: Japan
Style: Post-Hardcore, Electronic

#3 - Video: Celtibeerian - The Wolf I Am
Origin: Spain
Style: Folk Metal

#4 - Lyric Video: Wørthless Slave - Dead Inside
Origin: Canada
Style: Progressive Metalcore

#5 - Video: abstracts - Slow Dancer
Origin: Japan
Style: Progressive Metalcore

#6 - Video: Tracers - Praise The Sun (feat. Miles Dimitri Baker from Rings Of Saturn/Interloper)
Origin: Italy
Style: Progressive Metal

#7 - Video: Wolves In the Throne Room - Born From The Serpent's Eye
Origin: United States
Style: Black Metal

#8 - Video: DVNE - Thirst
Origin: United Kingdom
Style: Stoner, Doom, Progressive, Post-Metal

#9 - Video: Skygraph - Wings
Origin: Japan
Style: Instrumental Progressive Metal

#10 - Video: Save Us From The Archon - Lost in a Reverie
Origin: United States
Style: Instrumental Progressive Rock

#11 - Video: Upon Those Dying - Savage
Origin: United Kingdom
Style: Progressive Deathcore

#12 - Single: Crossfaith - Diavolos
Origin: Japan
Style: Metalcore, Electronic

#13 - Single: Ensiferum - For Those About to Fight for Metal
Origin: Finland
Style: Viking, Melodic Death, Folk Metal

#14 - Video: Lorna Shore - Denounce the Light
Origin: United States
Style: Deathcore

#15 - Video: Harbinger - I. Human Dust
Origin: United Kingdom
Style: Technical Deathcore

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