17 jul. 2017

#1 - Video: Eshtadur - Son of a Witch
Origin: Colombia
Style: Melodic Black, Death Metal

#2 - Lyric Video: SepticFlesh - 3rd Testament (Codex Omega)
Origin: Greece
Style: Symphonic Death Metal

#3 - Video: Amon Amarth - The Way of Vikings
Origin: Sweden
Style: Melodic Death Metal

#4 - Single: Mental Cruelty - Father of Abomination (feat. Duncan Bentley & Diogo Santana)
Origin: Germany
Style: Slamming Deathcore

#5 - Single: Ghost Atlas - Cry Wolf
Origin: United States
Style: Alternative Rock

#6 - Video: Arch Enemy - The World Is Yours
Origin: Sweden
Style: Melodic Death Metal, Female Vocal

#7 - Lyric Video: Belphegor - Baphomet
Origin: Austria
Style: Blackened Death Metal

#8 - Single: White Moth Black Butterfly - The Serpent (from Atone)
Origin: United Kingdom
Style: Experimental, Electronic, Cinematic, Progressive Rock

#9 - Single: Bulb - Far Too High (feat. Axel Mansoor)
Origin: United States
Style: Progressive Metal

#10 - Single: Make Them Suffer - Vortex (Interdimensional Spiral Hindering Inexplicable Euphoria)
Origin: Australia
Style: Symphonic Metalcore

#11 - Video: Skyhaven - Free
Origin: United States
Style: Progressive Metal

#12 - Lyric Video: Abhorrent Decimation - Granted Indulgence
Origin: United Kingdom
Style: Death Metal

#13 - Video: Syndemic - Exileseeker
Origin: Germany
Style: Progressive, Melodic Death Metal

#14 - Lyric Video: Synapse Defect - Caramel Covered Five Iron
Origin: United States
Style: Technical Deathgrind

#15 - Video: Nocturnal Bloodlust - Break This Fake
Origin: Japan
Style: Metalcore, Deathcore

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